WORKNC CAM software is the premier automatic CNC software for surface or solid models in mould, die and tooling businesses for 2 to 5-axis CNC programming.


The WORKNC Toolpath Viewer allows operators to analyse and simulate CAM programs prior to running them on the mill.

WORKNC Shop Floor Editor

The WORKNC Shop Floor Editor empowers machine operators to effortlessly post pre-programmed jobs directly onto the shop floor.

WORKNC 2D License

WORKNC contains 2D curve machining functions for machining from independent 2D entities or curves from 3D models.

WORKNC 2D Positional License

WORKNC includes global roughing, 2D toolpath on curves and surfaces and automatic and manual hole-programming functions.

WORKNC Extra Workzone Calculation

WORKNC Extra Workzone Calculation harnesses parallel processing power, optimizing efficiency with an additional work zone for advanced performance.

WORKNC 3X Positional License

WORKNC 3X Positional License balances simplicity with advanced features, ensuring user-friendly experience and expanded capabilities

WORKNC Full 3X License

WORKNC incorporates tailored cycles for job and cutting preferences, minimizing programming time and elevating part quality in machining processes.

WORKNC Full License

WORKNC Full License offers every robust feature, ensuring comprehensive functionality and unmatched performance for machining operations.

WORKNC Auto5 Module

WORKNC Auto5 generates 5-axis toolpaths, ensuring collision-free machining by expanding existing 3-axis toolpaths automatically.

WORKNC 5 Axis Module

WORKNC 5-Axis offers robust programming and integrated collision avoidance, providing powerful yet user-friendly capabilities for efficient machining processes.


The WORKNC Robot module provides advanced toolpath simulation and editing capabilities, allowing precise control over various robot types.

Advanced Parallel Processing

Utilizing Advanced Parallel Processing, users can calculate up to four toolpaths simultaneously, enhancing productivity in every workzone.

Extreme Parallel Processing

Experience the power of Extreme Parallel Processing, an option enabling users to simultaneously calculate up to 16 toolpaths per workzone for unparalleled efficiency.

WORKNC 3X License_Basic

The basic WORKNC 3X License delivers all of the accurate and reliable WORKNC functionality from roughing to finishing.

WORKNC Translators

WORKNC direct translators are the perfect complement to using WORKNC with native CAD files from other CAD systems.

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