One of the top PC-based CAD CAM software programs for the Mould & Die industry is VISI, which is widely recognized as such.

VISI Modelling

VISI Modelling offers a robust solid and surface modeling system, empowering precision in mold and die design with powerful capabilities.

VISI Analysis

VISI Analysis provides mould and die manufacturers with solutions for the validation and preparation of model geometry

VISI Mould

VISI Mould provides a complete mould tool design solution that guides the user through the mould development process.


VISI Flow is ideal for pre- and post-production analysis and concurrent engineering of injection moulded plastic components.

VISI Electrode

VISI Electrode, an automated module, streamlines the creation, management, and optimization of electrodes and their holders for efficiency.

VISI Progress

VISI Progress offers tailored solutions for progressive die design and press tools, empowering users with specialized capabilities.

VISI Machining 2D

VISI Machining 2D provides a practical, intuitive and simple solution for CNC programming, including 4- and 5-axis indexing.

VISI Machining 3D

VISI Machining 3D intelligently generates toolpaths for complex 3D parts, optimizing machining efficiency and precision.

VISI Machining 5 Axis

VISI Machining 5-Axis has been regarded as advanced technology best suited to the aerospace and automotive industry.

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