Fluids and Thermal

Whether you’re an analyst performing advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling or a design engineer who quickly needs to understand fluid or thermal effects on a design proposal, Altair offers a complete line of tools to support your project. From detailed component analysis to full systems performance, Altair provides a range of scalable solvers under Altair CFD™, as well as robust pre- and post-processing software for CFD.

General-purpose CFD

Interested in mastering CFD? Altair’s voxel mesh solver and finite-volume approach in Altair® InspireTM provide a fundamental CFD toolkit for swift “what-if” inquiries. Want deeper analysis? Altair CFD’s Navier-Stokes solver delivers comprehensive capabilities for flow, heat transfer, turbulence, and non-Newtonian material analysis, ensuring accuracy irrespective of mesh quality. This versatile toolkit empowers engineers to explore complex fluid dynamics scenarios with confidence and efficiency.

Aerodynamics & Aeroacoustics

The Lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) solver in Altair CFD makes it possible to forecast a vehicle’s aerodynamic characteristics extremely quickly for passenger cars, light trucks, racing cars, and heavy-duty vehicles. Its state-of-the-art technology is tailored for GPU-based computing that is both energy and cost-effective in order to give unmatched performance and enable overnight simulations of even the most complicated models on a single server. A direct computation of aeroacoustics from spinning equipment, such as cooling fans, e-motors made possible by this ground-breaking technology.

Particle-based Fluid Dynamics

Fluid flow around intricate shapes with complex motion is accurately predicted using the smooth particle hydrodynamics (SPH) solver in Altair CFD. This approach offers significant time and accuracy benefits when analyzing free surface (liquid/air) fluxes. Moreover, it enables efficient simulation of multiphase flows with transient behavior and captures intricate fluid dynamics with precision. The versatility of SPH also extends to turbulent flows and scenarios involving fluid-solid interactions, making it a comprehensive tool for engineering analysis.

Discrete Element Modeling

OptiStruct is widely used at the world’s most innovative companies to design and optimize of laminate composites. It delivers optimal ply shapes, the optimal number of plies, and the optimal stacking sequence, while observing manufacturing constraints. Altair® Multiscale Designer® provides accurate and efficient simulation of materials and parts manufactured with continuous and chopped fibers, honeycomb cores, lattice structures, and more.

Thermo-fluid Systems

Altair® FlowSimulator™ is an integrated flow, heat transfer, and combustion design software that enables mixed fidelity simulations to optimize machine and systems design. Applicable to turbomachinery, automotive, and energy industries, FlowSimulator was originally developed as the unified fluid system design tool for engine thermal, combustion, lubrication, and fuel system design. It is rooted in decades of practical usage and experience, with aerospace-quality level validation and verification.

Electronics Cooling

Altair® SimLab® is a process-oriented multidisciplinary simulation environment to accurately analyze the performance of complex assemblies. SimLab includes a range of highly automated workflows enabling the electronics industry to confidently identify and correct potential design issues earlier in development with thermal analysis that does not require advanced CFD knowledge. This includes the capability to simulate challenging electronics cooling and other (EDA) thermal management applications

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