Material Solutions

Leverage Altair’s material engineering, data organization, and consolidation expertise using the latest database technologies with Altair material solutions. Our material solutions use high-quality reference data and enables the consolidation of extensive proprietary material information intelligence into one secured private source. The solutions cover the processes to collect, prepare, create, share, collaborate, and consume material information from anywhere.

Enhance your virtual product development with data-enabled workflows that are fully integrated into computer-aided processes. Fill gaps and digitalize new material development with artificial intelligence (AI). Control material compliance, reduce lead time, accelerate time to market, and minimize business risks through consolidated data and processes like never before.

Data and Simulation-Driven Sustainable Product Design

Investing in digitalization means investing in success. Altair’s broad, powerful technology portfolio enables sustainable product design, helps organizations transform value chains, and allows users to meet the industry’s sustainability and climate protection goals.

Holistic Decarbonization of Mobility

Address mobility challenges and meet ambitious carbon footprint goals with Altair’s broad materials, simulation, data, cloud, and high-performance computing (HPC) solutions portfolio.

Universal Material Data Consolidation

Address mobility challenges and meet ambitious carbon footprint goals with Altair’s broad materials, simulation, data, cloud, and high-performance computing (HPC) solutions portfolio.

Circular Product Lifecycle Management

Increase the use of recyclates and biodegradable materials to achieve product sustainability and circularity. This approach promotes environmental stewardship

Enable Material Data for Simulation

Altair’s mission is to enable high-quality material data for multiphysics simulation, that is available from anywhere and seamlessly integrated with CAD/CAE applications.

Reduce Material Testing with AI

With Altair solutions, users can fill material information gaps, develop new materials using AI, evaluate new material grades, and provide required documentation.

Minimize Prototyping Costs

Cut lead times, reduce costs, and accelerate time to market by leveraging high-quality material information – a key enabler for end-to-end virtual product development.

Material Solutions for Sustainable Innovation

Innovate New Materials with AI

Material producers continuously develop and enhance new materials to meet their customers’ needs, sustainability goals, and technological challenges. Altair’s solutions portfolio optimizes processes, evaluates new material grades, and provides the necessary documentation while enabling global product consolidation and gap-filling with advanced material modeling and AI. Altair’s secure web interface makes sharing datasets with customers’ organizations easy. Best of all, users can also leverage Altair® RapidMiner® – Altair’s game-changing data analytics and AI platform – alongside Altair’s material solutions.

CAMPUS® the Plastics Database

Altair GmbH is the official software supplier to Computer Aided Material Preselection by Uniform Standards (CAMPUS), the world’s most successful plastic material database adhering to rigorous international standards

CAMPUS is the only database which exclusively offers truly comparable material data measured according to binding international standards. It offers valuable material data, including single point values for all relevant categories and extensive multipoint data (curves) with engineering data, chemical resistance and aging properties, powerful search and compare features, and datasheet print functions in ten languages.

CAMPUS is a registered trademark of Chemie Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft mbH (CWFG), Frankfurt/Main.

Comprehensive Plastic Components Development Ecosystem

Altair offers an ecosystem for plastic component development through an extensive high-quality polymer material database, simulation services, and through the Altair Partner Alliance with companies like SIMCON and PART Engineering. This creates the most comprehensive plastics material solution on the market today. The Altair Units licensing model gives users full access to our software at market-leading value, the flexibility to run software anywhere, and the freedom to choose tools from the Altair One Marketplace when needed.

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