The automotive industry is undergoing rapid changes that are changing the way vehicles are designed, developed, manufactured and sold. Altair is at the forefront of this digital transformation, providing comprehensive expertise and support throughout the product development lifecycle.

From design and engineering to manufacturing and supply chain management, Altair’s cutting-edge technologies and solutions in electronic motor, connectivity, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and data analytics enable us to support the world’s largest OEMs and suppliers to accelerate and improve product development. improved safety and user experience, optimizing vehicle fuel efficiency and vehicle architecture, reducing time-to-market and optimizing costs, and improving durability.

Digital Twin for Every Stage

Altair’s digital twin solutions use simulation, machine learning, and AI to create virtual representations of assets, optimizing vehicle performance, reducing costs, and accelerating time to market. Real-time monitoring and analysis aid automakers in preemptively solving issues, improving reliability, and minimizing downtime. These solutions decrease reliance on physical testing, enabling automakers to simulate and test new scenarios.

Accelerate Automotive Design with High-Performance Computing (HPC)

The best simulation tools won’t deliver what you need unless they’re supported by the right solutions to keep your high-performance computing infrastructure running optimally. Altair computing solutions give automotive designers and manufacturers faster times-to-market and superior product quality with a comprehensive set of workload management and optimization tools for clusters, supercomputers, and cloud.

Automotive’s Only Award Dedicated to Vehicle Lightweighting )

We are deeply committed to vehicle efficiency, so much so that we launched the auto industry’s only award dedicated to vehicle lightness. The Altair Enlighten Award annually recognizes the greatest achievements in vehicle weight reduction. It piques the interest of business leaders, engineers, policy makers, educators, students and the public, accelerates competition for new ideas and encourages sharing of progress.

The Body | Accelerate Design and Development

Streamlined Design Process

Altair’s expertise in product development and data analytics enables customers to streamline the design process and reduce time to market. Our automotive software solutions, such as Altair® Inspire™ and Altair® HyperMesh®, provide engineers with the tools to optimize product design, increase collaboration and reduce physical prototyping. With our solutions, car manufacturers can quickly and efficiently design and develop high-quality products.

Cost-Effective Prototyping

Altair’s extensive suite of electronics solutions, encompassing model-based development (MBD) and advanced simulation capabilities, empowers customers to substantially reduce costs and enhance efficiency. By simulating product performance in a virtual environment, businesses can streamline the prototype development process, resulting in expedited time-to-market and superior product. This innovative approach revolutionizes product development, ensuring competitiveness in markets.

Optimize Your Manufacturing Process

Altair’s automotive development solutions, including multidisciplinary optimization (MDO), are tailored to refine the design of versatile “skateboard” platforms for a range of applications (BEV, HEV, PHEV) and functions (sedans, trucks, adventure). This optimization aims to enhance performance and minimize development expenses, ensuring efficient and cost-effective vehicle development across diverse automotive segments.

Efficient Platform Design

Efficient production processes are a prerequisite for success. However, traditional methods are expensive, time-consuming and error-prone. Altair’s solutions for process simulation, additive manufacturing and tooling design help automakers optimize processes, increase efficiency and reduce costs. Our predictive analytics solutions can identify low-quality products at an early stage, eliminating waste, ensuring high-quality results and reducing energy consumption.

The Heart | Enhance Electric Vehicle Propulsion

Accelerating E-Motor Design and Development

The transition to electric operation requires efficient, quiet and light engines while reducing cabin noise and vibration. Altair offers a complete solution for the design and development of electric motors. It offers rapid concept evaluation, detailed analysis of electromagnetic and thermal phenomena, automated design investigation, drive cycle simulation and optimization of power train components.

Achieving Optimal Motor, Inverter, and Battery Interactions

Ensuring safe and efficient inverter-motor interaction is a key challenge in electric vehicle design. Altair offers the ability to develop systems with exceptional power density and detect EMI/EMC compliance issues at an early stage. Additional solutions provide high-energy battery packs that resist thermal drainage, help redesign vehicles for battery charging, and protect the battery in a crash by simulating crash scenarios.

The Blood | Analyze Vehicle and Business Performance

Enhance Supply Chain Management

Inefficiencies, delays and higher costs are just some of the challenges facing the automotive supply chain today. Altair understands these challenges and complexities and offers comprehensive supply chain management solutions to optimize procurement, inventory and logistics. Our tools, including supplier collaboration, demand planning and logistics optimization, help customers achieve greater efficiency and cost savings.

Altair’s data analytics and supply chain optimization expertise enables automakers to manage changing demand and streamline operations, ensuring they can deliver high-quality products to their customers on time.

Plan Maintenance and Prevent Equipment Failure

Preventive maintenance based on usage time and cycles helps automakers avoid equipment failures. But it can also mean stopping a machine that is working fine, even if there is no error. Preventive maintenance is a better way for organizations to maintain equipment without interrupting production.

By combining our intuitive machine learning tools with cloud-based or edge computing systems to analyze your plant data, Altair® RapidMiner® helps you monitor your equipment. Our solutions give you the confidence to keep your machines running, knowing you can fix tough problems. This way you avoid costly breakdowns. 

Transform the Warranty Process

The automotive market’s extensive array and diverse nature of warranty claims render traditional business analysis methods inadequate. However, these claims harbor invaluable insights into product quality, reliability, and customer expectations, potentially unveiling design or manufacturing deficiencies.

Our solution empowers automakers to leverage this wealth of data, facilitating continuous improvement in existing products, fostering the creation of more robust offerings, and ultimately enhancing profitability through strategic decision-making processes.