Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)

Altair’s architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) solutions offer unparalleled productivity for building and non-building structures with their advanced versatility, integration, and data management capabilities. Our analysis and design solutions simulate responses to a range of dynamic, nonlinear loading conditions, including wind, snow, water, seismic, blast, dead, live, and moving loads – all while ensuring design resiliency and regional code compliance. Extensive data transfer links enable seamless import and export cycles between analysis and design solutions, building information modeling (BIM) systems, and CAD platforms. Design and optimize concrete, steel, and mass timber structures for report-ready results. In addition, evaluate complex geometry and structural models that go beyond standard building code designs, ensuring strength and safety for any model.

Structural Analysis for Everyday Workflows

Altair® S‑FRAME® provides civil and structural engineers with the capability to simulate responses to internal and external forces throughout construction phases. Irrespective of geometric intricacies, material properties, loading scenarios, or nonlinear influences, S‑FRAME comprehensively analyzes structural behavior and computes reaction forces. This empowers users to refine models and ensure adherence to regional design codes for steel, concrete, and/or multi-material structures, facilitating robust and compliant structural design processes.

Code-Compliant Structural Analysis and Design

Altair’s sophisticated code-based design capabilities ensure users can confidently engineer safe, stable, and resilient structures in compliance with regional design codes. With Altair® S‑STEEL™, designers can efficiently design and optimize steel frame structures and composite floors. Additionally, Altair® S‑CONCRETE™ offers an intuitive design environment for code checking, designing, and detailing reinforced concrete frames, slabs, shear walls, and continuous beams, enhancing productivity and design precision.

Fast, Mesh-Free, 3D Geometry Analysis

Create and examine structurally sound design for complex assemblies in minutes. Altair® SimSolid®’s faster, easier analysis capabilities for fully featured CAD assemblies and complex geometries enable design engineers, facade engineers, product designers, and architects to explore design alternatives at a fraction of the time needed for traditional FEA workflows. Combined with Altair® Inspire™ for topology optimization, Altair SimSolid’s mesh-free analysis accelerates design decisions without the need for FEA expertise.

High-Performance Meshing, Structural Analyses and Optimization

Altair® HyperMesh®’s advanced meshing and post-processing capabilities help engineers design structures with complex geometries, challenging loading conditions, or other design parameters not typically encountered in conventional construction. Mesh generation tools for shell, tetra, and hexa meshing ensure the high-quality model discretization needed to meet civil engineers’ challenges. Perform design changes quickly via mesh morphing to reduce meshing time.

Energy-Efficient Buildings: CFD and Thermal Analysis

Altair’s CFD and thermal analysis solutions empower architects, engineers, and construction professionals to create buildings that prioritize safety, comfort, energy efficiency, and regulatory compliance. With Altair® AcuSolve® and Altair® SimLab®, engineers identify areas of high heat transfer or thermal bridging, enhancing insulation strategies and reducing energy loss. Moreover, CFD solutions assess solar radiation effects on building surfaces and optimize strategies.

Section Calculator, Math, Scripting, and Visualization

Altair Compose® is a math, programming, data analysis, and visualization resource accessible in a user-friendly, multi-language scripting environment. With extensive math function libraries, Compose lets users write, test, perform calculations, and automate workflows. With Altair® S‑CALC™, users can instantly compute numerous section properties for complex, built-up, or multi-material shapes for use in further analysis – all within an easy-to-use graphical environment.

Wireless Network and 5G Design

Altair® Feko® helps users simulate wireless coverage for smart, connected buildings, campuses, or cities, making radio network planning more efficient. With the help of Altair® WinProp™ and WRAP, users can design a range of radio networks, including cellular (5G, LTE, etc.), Wi-Fi, public safety, point-to-multipoint communication, broadcast, both for terrestrial and satellite, evaluate co-site interference, and coordinate frequency allocations for spectrum management. 

Resilience Against Blast and Impact Loads

Explore blast and explosion effects and high-velocity impacts for comprehensive risk mitigation strategies. With Altair® Radioss®, civil and material engineers simulate catastrophic events, predict damage, identify structural vulnerabilities, and optimize designs for maximum structural integrity under extreme loads. This method, faster and less expensive than destructive physical testing, provides engineers with invaluable insights, ensuring the creation of safer structures.

Data Analytics for AEC

Altair® Monarch® provides a no-code, automated data preparation solution for novices and experts alike. Quickly extract and combine data from disparate or semi-structured input formats such as PDFs, spreadsheets, and text files, as well as from structured sources like Big Data in an easy-to-use environment so that users can convert information into precise, error-free datasets in seconds. Altair® RapidMiner® reduces traditional data analytics and machine learning barriers.